Post Graduate Diploma in
Public Accounting

The Post Graduate Diploma in Public Accounting qualification opens door to the Business Graduates and part qualified CA / CMAs to become a qualified professional accountants and get direct membership of two IFAC Member Bodies IFA (UK) and IPA (Australia).

Post Graduate Diploma in Public Accounting is a diploma-level professional accounting course. The purpose of this programme is to develop the intellectual and practical skills of the students in the analysis, interpretation, and application of accounting principles. This programme will prepare students to apply accounting principles in practice. The programme provides students with leadership, communication, interpersonal, and ethical skills for supervisory-level positions.

PGD - Public Accounting programme is of one-year duration and will be imparted through self-study /classroom / online training programme covering theoretical and practical aspects of accounting.

Admission Requirements
  • Bachelor's degree in any discipline
  • IFA / IPA / ACCA / CIMA members / Part Qualified
Credit for Prior Learning
  • Exemption is avaiable for  Part I (PGD in Public Accounting ) papers only
  • No exemption is available for Professional Integrity Module
Qualifying Marks
  • A candidate shall be declared to have passed the examination only if she/he obtains 50% marks in each paper.

  • Exemptions will be granted only if the applicant has prior learning on the same subject areas from their undergraduate and/or post-graduate studies from any recognized university with at least 50% marks in the examination.
Professional Body Membership
  • Students who have successfully completed the programme and having completed a minimum of three years' work experience in accountancy or a closely related field will be eligible for membership of the IFA at Associate (AFA) level.
  • Associate (AFA) members of IFA (UK) will get the full membership (MIPA) of the  Institute of Public Accountants (IPA), Australia without any further expenses.
Qualification structure

  • Unit 1: Financial Accounting
  • Unit 2: Financial Management
  • Unit 3: Macroeconomics
  • Unit 4: Intermediate Accounting I
  • Unit 5: Intermediate Accounting II
  • Unit 6: Advanced Accounting
  • Unit 7: Cost Accounting
  • Unit 8: Auditing & Assurance

Post Graduate Diploma in Public Accounting

"Become a qualified professional accountant and get direct membership of two IFAC Member Bodies IFA (UK) and IPA (Australia)"